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futura is a series of influential, innovative poetry broadsides published by Hansjörg Mayer between 1965 and 1969. The run was set at 26 to correspond to the letters of the alphabet. Each issue, printed in the sans-serif typeface for which it was named, was devoted to a single artist or poet and within the physical constraints of the publication format they were essentially free to do whatever they liked. The contributors were a roster of major figures from the overlapping worlds of visual poetry, fluxus, and avant-garde verse including Edwin Morgan, Dick Higgins, Bob Cobbing, Jonathan Williams, Emmet Williams, Diter Rot, Edward Lucie Smith, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and Louis Zukofsky, among many others.

The Poetry Library is grateful to Hansjörg Mayer for permission to digitise the entire series on this website. We'll be adding more issues in due course.

Issues available online