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The Ugly Tree does not discriminate between the written and the spoken word and seeks to explore the synergy between both. Based in Manchester, each issue includes work from Northwest writers alongside national and international contributions, interviews and reviews.


The Ugly Tree ran for 20 issues, from late 2002 until its final issue in early 2009. Evolving over the years from a ‘zine-like pamphlet to that of glossy perfect-bound journal, and under the constant editorial gaze of Paul Neads, it deliberately juxtaposed and showcased new talents alongside established voices. Poets of the calibre of Duane Locke, Todd Swift, Aoife Mannix (and even Tim Smith of Cardiacs fame) would feature alongside debut published works by emerging (and subsequently established) poets such as Tony Walsh, conor a, Jackie Hagan and Dominic Berry. Over the years, TUT also featured interviews, and poetry from, the likes of Joolz Denby, Segun Lee-French, Gerry Potter (aka Chloe Poems), Rosie Garland (aka Rosie Lugosi) and Mike Garry, and often gave space to promoting regional poetry festivals and events.


"All other poets could benefit from reading these poems and noting the absence of cliché and bombast, the lack of arcane vocabulary and prolix phrases" - James Hartnell, Write Out Loud

"Witty and urbane" - Orbis

"It's like a big box of poetic Quality Street" - Michael Whalley, Pipeline

"There are some beauties to be found within its pages" - City Life



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Current editor
Paul Neads

Contact address
The Ugly Tree,
Mucusart Publications,
6 Chiffon Way,
Trinity Riverside,
Gtr Manchester
M3 6AB,

[email protected]