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About Strange Faeces
Strange Faeces was a magazine of experimental poetry, fiction and art, edited in the UK and published by Opal and Ellen Nations from 1970-1980.

It ran for 20 issues, with contributors including Vito Acconci, John Giorno, Marilyn Hacker, Douglas Blazek, Bob Cobbing, Clark Coolidge, Tom Disch, Glen Baxter, Maureen Owen, Tuli Kupferberg, Andrei Codrescu, Tony Towle, Tom Veitch, Larry Eigner, Jeff Nuttall, Doug Laing, Richard Miller, Ed Sanders, Charles Plymell, Claude Pelieu, Carl Weissner, Aram Saroyan, Robin Crozier, Lewis MacAdams, Harold Norse, Pat Nolan, Pat Tavenner, Ron Silliman, Britton Wilkie, Jack Hirschman, Kathy Acker, Cecil Hellman, Bernadette Mayer, Apollinaire, Francis Ponge (in translation), Bruce Hutchinson, Mike Sowl, Louis Postel, Anna Banana, Maxine Chernoff, Keith Abbott, Irene Dogmatic, Nanos Valaoritis, J. M. Bennett, David Rosenberg, Irving Stettner, Derek Pell, William Harrold, Ken Brown, Lisa Crafts, M. Kasper, Harrison Fisher, Dennis Hlynsky, Peter Payack, Opal Nations & others plus translations from the French of Alain Roussel, Joyce Mansour, Alain Jouffroy, Gisele Prassinos, Max Ernst, Villiers de L’Isle-Adam, J.J. Grandville & others.

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