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About Poetry Salzburg Review

Founded in 2001 after the demise of The Poet’s Voice (ed. Fred Beake, Wolfgang Görtschacher, James Hogg, 1993-2000), and appearing regularly ever since, the magazine publishes poetry, long poems, review-essays, articles about poets and poetic issues, translations, and interviews. Each issue contains work by 50-60 poets, a range of poems in translation by usually three poets not well known on the English poetry scene, and three in-depth review-essays focusing on 10-12 recently published collections. Once a year we also commission a poet-critic to review 4-5 pamphlets.

The editorial policy is catholic – David Miller, a member of our Editorial Board from No.1 to No. 18 summarised our beliefs in the following way: “[We] wish to highlight and promote those poets and poetic writers whose work [we] find challenging, singular, exciting – whatever, if any, their allegiances may be.” Present-day poetry would do well to recur to poetry as rhythmic structure and patters of sound instead of chatting along amiably in what is only nominally verse. The experience of poetry as sound demands craftsmanship, a training in rhythm, metre, and phonology (the colour of Rimbaud’s vowels!), something to be recommended to young poets if they want their poems to move beyond the page. We want to do all this in a way that is accessible to the general reader, but is nevertheless not simplistic.

What others have said about PSR:

 “… fantastic – a really dynamic read. smart, varied, addictive.” (John Kinsella)

Poetry Salzburg Review is a substantial journal with a real punch; page after page of invigorating work from all styles and approaches. Most refreshing.” (Edward Storey)

“The reviews are exceptionally well-informed, and there is a good variety of poetry.” (Ian Seed)

“I have high regard for the magazine: your effort, the quality of writing, and the quality of the magazine itself.” (William Cirocco)

“It really is a most mature magazine now.” (William Oxley)


The magazine is produced twice a year in Spring and in Autumn and contains 200pp, perfect bound with an art cover.


UK 2 issues  £13
2 issues
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2 issues

2 issues

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2 issues

2 issues

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Cheque ‘IDP’ or PAYPAL from website.


All submissions should be typed and on one side of the paper only. Make sure that your name is on each page of the manuscript. Please include a bio/biographical note (up to 100 words). Please send your submission together with a self-addressed envelope, with an International Reply Coupon. We accept e-mail submissions for PSR only if you provide us with your postal address, a covering letter and your bio/bibliographical note. Authors are requested to send us only one submission (4-8 poems) per issue.

We do not read simultaneous submissions! We do not publish texts that have been published elsewhere (this also includes Internet magazines, homepages, and blogs)! We do not read (review) websites and do not consider work published there. As a matter of policy, we do not discuss the reasons for our editorial decisions. We gladly accept submissions from past contributors; our policy, however, is not to publish work by the same author in consecutive issues.

We do not consider unsolicited reviews or review requests under any circumstances. The only guarantee we have that reviews are objective and unbiased is that we solicit the reviews from qualified reviewers. In fact, a request to be the reviewer of a book, and even more the submission of an already-written review, is an indication that you are not an appropriate reviewer for it. We are always looking for qualified reviewers. Send a curriculum vitae and some reviews that have already been published in literary magazines. If work is accepted, we always try to send out the proofs of the poems / review-essay as soon as possible. We do not publish a single line if it is not approved by the author. If poets do not return the proofs of their work within a month we will NOT print their poems / review-essay. Due to the amount and high quality of work we receive, potential contributors are strongly encouraged to read the magazine prior to submitting their work.



Wolfgang Görtschacher, Andreas Schachermayr

Editorial Board
Ally Acker
William Bedford
Robert Dassanowsky
John Mateer
Caitriona O'Reilly

Contact addresses
Wolfgang Görtschacher
University of Salzburg
Department of English and American Studies
Unipark Nonntal
Erzabt-Klotz-Str. 1
5020 Salzburg

Robert Dassanowsky
Dept. of Languages and Cultures
University of Colorado
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

William Bedford
The Croft
3 Manor Farm Court
Purton Stoke
Wiltshire SN5 4LA