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Matter is an annual anthology of new writing published by Mews Press. It features the best poetry, prose and script from MA Writing students at Sheffield Hallam University. 

Matter was founded by two MA Writing students, Emily Pedder and Leigh Money, in 2000, to give valuable exposure to new writers. Over the years, this has included exciting contemporary talents, such as Frances Leviston, Ben Wilkinson, Cathy Bolton and Tony Williams.

The quality of writing produced by the students is able to stand alongside guest authors. Matter has featured previously unpublished work by some of the most acclaimed writers of their generation, such as Hilary Mantel, Ali Smith, Michel Faber, Jackie Kay, Jacob Polley, Julia Copus and Maurice Riordan to name just a few. 

This year we were able to add Daljit Nagra, Arto Vaun, Diana Gabaldon and Iain Sinclair. As students we are thrilled at the chance to present our work in the same space as such writers. As editors, we are grateful for the confidence in Matter their contributions demonstrate.

Matter remains in the hands of the students, with current students forming the editorial team. There is a new lead editor for each issue, who makes decisions on content and design, and takes responsibility for the overall quality of the product, as well as publicity and distribution. The turnover of the board ensures there is a constant renewal of ideas and energy.

Quality of design is fundamental to Matter’s conception, ensuring professional production values that allow the book to compete in the marketplace. Eleven Design, a Sheffield-based design company, have been working with Matter over several years, helping us to create a strong brand identity, and presenting the writing in a beautiful format.

Matter is now in its 10th edition, and is growing in terms of confidence and circulation. But the book remains true to its roots as a platform for MA Writing students to get their work into the world.

Matter is published each October and is £4.99, available in many bookstores and online through the website below. Back issues are also available.

For more information about Matter, please go to www.makingwritingmatter.co.uk or follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.

Contact Mews Press: Steven Earnshaw.  Sheffield Hallam University, English Department, Owen Building, City Campus.  Sheffield S1 1WB. Or by email: [email protected]


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