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Chroma published its last issue in July 2010. We’ve brought out 11 issues since 2004, and published the work of over 200 new, emerging, and established writers, artists and poets. Thanks to all the resourceful and generous people who worked on the journal, and to everyone who trusted us with their work, and those who bought issues and subscribed. The journal would not have existed without the support of Arts Council England, so a special shout out to them. Some back issues are still available to purchase on the site, and some of the earlier issues are available online.

Chroma was set up in 2004 by the writer Shaun Levin. Funded by Arts Council England, Chroma was published twice a year, usually in April and November. An international literary and arts journal that published poetry, prose and art work by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender writers and artists, which also ran an annual International Queer Writing Competition. The editors at time of closing were Shaun Levin and Saradha Soobrayen.

Ajamu X - Untitled - (Chroma 2 front cover)   Chroma is the only queer literary 
  journal in Europe. Each issue is
  themed. Past themes include
  Beauty, Island, and Foreigners, and
  future issue include America,
  Pose/Art, and Body. We publish
  work that is experimental, risk-
  taking, challenging and lyrical. We
  aim to print at least one short story
  in translation in each issue, and will
  feature more and more poets and
  writers working in languages other
  than English. Emma Hewett,
  director of Spread the Word,
  praises Chroma for “breaking new ground - showcasing a wealth of writing talent and challenging the status quo of literary journalism.”

Chroma do not publish reviews and criticism, although we do publish essays of a personal nature. We are not afraid of work that is confessional or “self-obsessed,” in fact, we quite like it. We do insist on work that is literary.

Chroma’s editor, Shaun Levin, says; “We want each issue to be exciting in its diversity of voices and the wide range of art work we include. If you want to be part of the mainstream, we’re probably not the journal for you. We want writers who take risks in their work, who experiment, and still tell a story beautifully.”Chroma editors actively seek out new writers on the literary scene in the UK and abroad, and are pro-active in organising readings and events alongside each new issue. 

The writer Char March said: “It's brilliant having such a well-produced and high-quality literary journal dedicated to our community... and that also manages to reach out into, and represent its ethnic diversity.”


Shaun Levin

Poetry Editor
Saradha Soobrayen

Contact address
PO Box 44655
London N16 0WQ