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About Monkey Kettle

 Issue 21 cover page
Monkey Kettle is primarily a poetry & creative writing magazine based in Milton Keynes, which comes out three times a year. It is also a website of news, reviews and much stuff, all connected in some way to the magazine (www.monkeykettle.co.uk). The magazine is usually 40 pages, A5 in size, and relatively cheaply black & white. We're a pretty lo-fi concern in most respects, run as best we can by a team of feckless dreamers...


Monkey Kettle can also stand for the team of a dozen or so local writers and poets who contribute regularly to the magazine and form the core of the content. Under the banner of Monkey Kettle this group publish other, standalone works, as well as regularly putting on arts exhibitions in Milton Keynes. And, um, much more besides, so it's a local arts concern as well, kind of.


Two issues                                     £4



 There are no Submission Guidelines as such - we do ask that you try and keep the amount down, maybe 5 - 10 poems at a time, for example, as it takes us a while to get through it all, or a short story of no more than 5 A4 pages (or it will be far too long for our tiny mag!). Our personal preference is for the funny, surreal, dark, poignant, political, a mixed bag really.

You can email it to us at [email protected] - we used to have a PO Box, but as the years went by, less and less people sent things by post, so we closed it down, as it was costing money we didn't have. Current turn-around means that we should reply to you within a month or so of receiving your submission to let you know if we can use it in the magazine.


Current editor
Matthew Michael Taylor

Website: www.monkeykettle.co.uk 

Email: [email protected]