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About Reach Poetry

“One belongs, rather than subscribes…”

Reach Poetry (formerly ‘Reach’) is now in its third phase as a specialist poetry magazine. Reach was formed by Shelagh Nugent as a stapled publication in 1998. It very quickly developed a faithful following and when Shelagh decided to move on in 2004, the magazine was offered to Ronnie Goodyer, who became its Poetry Editor, the same role he performed for publishers Bluechrome. Under Bluechrome, Reach moved away from its roots, expanding to 100 perfect bound pages and introducing several new features. Though unquestionably a quality publication, many loyal readers, affectionately known as ‘Reachers’, were not enamoured with the emphasis on articles and reviews and clamoured for a return to the more basic format of emphasis on poetry that had gained such an eager following. Consequently, after just nine months, Bluechrome ended its association with the magazine in April 2005 with Issue 92, including a six page farewell from Bluechrome’s Anthony Delgrado and an intent from Ronnie Goodyer to re-vamp the contents.   

Ronnie had introduced poetry to Bluechrome and was responsible for selecting and editing most of their poetry collections. However, he had now parted with them, formed his own Indigo Dreams Press and Reach was its main vehicle. He became sole editor in May 2005, and remains in this post.

Under his stewardship, Reach was returned to its original template of poetry, letters and reviews, now in 56 perfect bound pages. Its readership increased and subscriber-base widened. The name was changed to its current ‘Reach Poetry’ as its readership spread overseas.

Reach Poetry doesn’t have any hidden agendas or prejudices. It publishes quality poetry from both experienced and new poets. Formal or free verse, haiku…. everything is considered. The experience of being part of Reach Poetry is unique.  The fact that it is monthly means that it is a constant in peoples’ lives and great interactivity and involvement is possible through the Readers News and Views letters section, where subscribers comment on and vote for poetry from the previous issue.  The 3 poets that achieve the greatest number of votes share a cash prize of £50 (or currency equivalent).

With so many magazines vying for little space, REACH POETRY has found a formula that works, publishing over 500 poems each year.

“Such a good “poet friendly” magazine. Quite unique” Anne Lewis-Smith (former editor, Envoi)

“I was delighted to see a few good reports on my poem. It gives you a real boost. I am not a confident writer and so have not written anything for a while but this has given me a kick-start again. Thanks to your poetry magazine and yourself it keeps me writing and I love it.” (anon)

“I would like to say how special I feel Reach Poetry is and how the collective creative psyche of ‘Reachers’ has a unique voice, one that warms the heart.” Claire Knight


For information on Reach Poetry, its sister magazines Sarasvati and The Dawntreader plus publication opportunities with Indigo Dreams, visit www.indigodreams.co.uk


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