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Poetry Scotland

About Poetry Scotland
Conceived as a Broadsheet for current poetry ten years ago, Poetry Scotland quickly found its place among poetry magazines. It is poet led, and responsive to suggestions and current events. We aim for quick turrnaround, printing and distribution. Our circulation has grown to include many poets in England and Wales as well as the Scottish core; outside the British postal zone we cater for poets via our website which has its own poem section, Open Mouse. At £5 per year, Poetry Scotland's cheap price is legendary, especially since we are unsubsidised.

   We aim to publish any kind of poetry so long as it is good. We have included rhymed and unrhymed, long and short, political and personal, humorous, narrative, ballad, haiku and prose poems. Our interest in languages (especially those of Scotland) brings Gaelic, Scots, Welsh & French to our pages at times.

   On our excellent website you will find information on back issues, proposed issues, comment, news, reviews and articles. This web presence makes us one of the few magazines that prints nothing but poetry, and that is one reason we can print so much of it. There is also a full cumulative index, useful since Poetry Scotland is not included in the Scottish Poetry Library indexing system.

   Poetry Scotland has one other activity besides the website and the paper magazine. We hold an annual Callander Poetry Weekend in September (7th-9th Sept in 2007), hosted by Kings Bookshop Callander, when friends, subscribers and contributors to Poetry Scotland can meet, listen to poetry and talks, take part in readings and discussion etc all on a free and informal basis. As well as being our publishing base, Callander is a highland town well worth visiting in its own right.

   We hope you enjoy our Link Up Issue 50 on line.

To subscribe: send £5 note or £5 cheque (GB pounds), payable to Sally Evans, to Poetry Scotland at 91-93 Main Street, Callander FK17 8BQ, giving your address, and if you wish, your email, & say which issue you want to start from, e.g. current/next.

Subscription rates:

5 issues £5.00

Submission advice can be found on our website: www.poetryscotland.co.uk

Issues available online


Sally Evans

Colin Will

Laureate of Poetry Scotland:
Margaret Gillies Brown

Laureate Beyond the Seas:
Les Murray.

Ian W King