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ARTEMISpoetry aims to be a showcase for the best in women’s writing from established and new women poets.

Each issue includes poetry, reviews, articles and artwork, circa 60pp per November issue and significantly more in the May issue, which normally includes the winning and commended poems from the Second Light Poetry Competition. The journal is published by Second Light Publications, the publishing imprint of Second Light Network for women poets.

Second Light’s founder and co-ordinator, Dilys Wood, believes that, despite an abundance of women poets writing today, many do not promote their work sufficiently to leading magazines and that fewer good women poets than good male poets are published. Second Light aims to redress this by promoting the work of women poets who are serious about their work, particularly older women (40s +), who have often been writing for a considerable number of years without reaching the potential they deserve, perhaps due to a still-insidious lack of support for women’s creative artistry in society as a whole.

“Hooray for ARTEMISpoetry!” said UA Fanthorpe when asked to comment. “Why are women so good at poetry? Like Artemis the archer, they see so clearly, and they aim straight for the mark. Not distracted by ego or vanity ... full of excellent poems, reviews, articles and information, ARTEMISpoetry is just what we need.”

Second Light has a growing membership and links with other poetry and writing organisations and offers significant opportunities for cross-promotion via ARTEMISpoetry, mailing lists etc. Advertising, appropriate to the journal, is welcomed. Details are published on the Network’s website, www.secondlightlive.co.uk, and in the preceding issues of ARTEMISpoetry.

Twice-yearly in May (64 – 80pp and November (60 - 64pp), A4 format.

Note that free subscription is included with Second Light membership.

Subscription Rates (including p&p):


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Single issue UK & Europe
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Submission guidelines are given at www.secondlightlive.co.uk, and in preceding issues of ARTEMISpoetry.

Our policy of using a different, significant woman poet each time allows for differences in taste and interest, with the likelihood that a diverse range of poets will have work accepted. Issues 1 to 5 editors, Myra Schneider, Penelope Shuttle, Katherine Gallagher, Alison Brackenbury and R V Bailey.

Articles & Reviews:
Are generally by invitation. Contact Dilys Wood to apply to be a Reviewer or have an article topic in mind that you would like to submit.

Women artists only, b/w for inside the journal. Colour submissions invited for covers.

We do not normally receive any funding for production of the journal so regret that we are unable to make payment for poetry/artwork publication and that we are seldom able to pay contributors for articles/reviews.

We don’t return submissions or notify senders whose work is not accepted, but we do publish a ‘you will know by’ date in our submission guidelines and if your work has been selected, you will hear from us by that date.

Stamped addressed postcards will be returned, if included with your submission, to acknowledge receipt.



General Editors
Issues 1 – 3:
Dilys Wood & Anne Stewart
Future Issues:
Dilys Wood & Co-editor (rotation basis)

Poetry Editors
Established women poets by invitation
Issues 1 – 3:
Myra Schneider
Penelope Shuttle
Katherine Gallagher

Contact Address & Review Copies to
Second Light Publications
3 Springfield Close
East Preston
West Sussex
BN16 2SZ