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About The Rialto

Michael Mackmin, currently sole editor of The Rialto, has a very stubborn belief that poetry is important. Consequently he has, since 1984, read many thousands of poems to select the 200 or so that appear in each year's three issues of the magazine.

From its beginning The Rialto set out to be inclusive, to promote new poets (irrespective of age, gender, background, etc.,) and new poetry. The editors wanted to avoid a bias in favour of any 'school' or clique; they were against cronyism in any form.

Mackmin says he works hard to avoid a 'house style', and claims that his choices result primarily from the joyful, 'I think she/he's got it' moment that occurs from time to time as he reads through a bundle of poems. Some of the poems that you read in the magazine will be instantly accessible, others more complex and difficult. The editor says that he reads all the poems in the magazine several times (even the ones that sing their excellence at a first reading) before saying yes to them. He makes no claim to infallibility of taste or judgement. He hopes that you'll find the selection interesting and that you'll agree that the poems he's chosen work.

In the current issue (No 72) you will find 50 poems by 43 poets: seventeen of these are male, twenty-six are female. You may have heard of Simon Armitage and Les Murray, but the chances are you won't have heard of Julia Reckless, whose first published poem appears in the issue, or of Foyle Young Poet Beth Jellicoe.

In the previous issue (No 71) you will find 64 poems by 56 poets, twenty-nine of them are female, twenty-seven male.

There are also a Letters page, an Editorial, a regular 'Rumours, Books, Events' feature (written by Dean Parkin), Contributors Notes and articles - notably the long running occasional series of poets writing about themselves.


The Rialto is 'simply the best', says Carol Ann Duffy: Ted Hughes said, 'I've enjoyed The Rialto; very full and varied': Andrew Motion comments, 'Poetry gives us essential human pleasures and rewards, not least because it allows us to discover richer versions of ourselves. The Rialto, being reliably full of excellent new work is an excellent place to find these pleasures and rewards'.


The Rialto is an A4 magazine of 64 pages, published three times a year. Information on Subscriptions and Submissions is on the website www.therialto.co.uk which has links allowing online payment. You will also find details of the books and pamphlets we publish, as well as blogs etc.


You can subscribe online on The Rialto's website: www.therialto.co.uk 

If you prefer to pay by cheque the address is The Rialto, PO Box 309, Aylsham, Norwich, England NR11 6LN.  


3 issues

3 issues

3 issues



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Your first issue is FREE, subscriptions start with the next issue. In addition if you live in the UK and assess yourself as being on a low income you can subscribe for £16.


Submissions must come by snail mail and you must enclose a stamped self addressed envelope (or IRCs) to allow for the courtesy of a reply, and the return of your work. If you don't want your poems returned please say so, but please note that they will not be shredded before being recycled. The editor reads ALL the poems that arrive, so you may have to wait several weeks to hear from him.

Articles and features are commissioned directly, as is the Artwork for the magazine's rather wonderful covers.

The Rialto is a Registered Charity, No. 297553, and gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance provided by Grants for the Arts.



Michael Mackmin

The Rialto
PO Box 309
NR11 6LN