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Weyfarers is an international publication,
with poetry in English, or with English translations, from many parts of the world.

This long-established poetry magazine was first published in January 1972 and appears three times a year.

Weyfarers publishes modern and traditional poetry and accepts work from both new and established poets. Books and magazines are also reviewed.

The name comes from the River Wey, that runs through Guildford.



  annual subscription                                                    £9

  single issues                                                               £2.50

Further information on subscriptions can be found on the Weyfarers  website at:  www.weyfarers.com/subscription

Submitted work should not have been published or currently submitted elsewhere. Copyright remains with the authors.


  Post them to:

  1 Mountside
  Surrey GU2 4JD
  United Kingdom

Manuscripts submitted for consideration by post should be typed. Please put name and address on each poem, which should be on a separate sheet. Include SAE or IRC for the return of unaccepted work.

Payment is a copy of the issue containing the poem.

0307 7276

Martin Jones
Stella Stocker
Jeffery Wheatley

Contact address
1 Mountside
Surrey GU2 4JD
United Kingdom

[email protected]