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ACUMEN is a poetry magazine edited by a reader and an appreciator of poetry.  Started in 1985 by Patricia Oxley, and appearing regularly since, the magazine publishes poetry, reviews and articles by both well-known poets and those just beginning their poetic writing, making each issue individual in character.  It prints poetry of all genres and a wide range of articles including interviews, memoirs, satirical pieces, appraisals and even re-appraisals of unfashionable poets from the past.  Each issue contains around fifty new poems set within a prose framework where, we hope, each reflects from the other.  The Reviews’ Section covers books from mainstream publishers of poetry, but also gives plenty of space to books of poetry produced by small independent presses.

If you feel you’d enjoy reading a copy of Acumen, details of how to do so are given below.  If you thinks your work fits into Acumen’s general poetic feel, details of how to submit are also below. Acumen gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Arts Council over the years and its encouragement in raising the profile of the publication to its present standard.

The magazine is produced 3 times a year in January, May and September and contains 120pp, perfect bound with an art cover. 

Subscription rates:

One year
£16 (individual)
£17 (institution)
€ 25 (individual)
€ 42 (institution)
- 3 copies
$45 (individual)
$50.00 (institution)

Single copy

UK & Europe

£6 post free

All poetry is read carefully. Acumen looks for good use of language where most words and phrases play a part in the overall poem; something well-crafted either in free verse or a well-known verse form;  a poem that has something to say that goes beyond the merely trivial or descriptive. 

Any poem that may possibly have a chance of publication is shortlisted and from this shortlist the final poems for the magazine are chosen. We are always on the look out for new and unusual articles etc. I will consider articles on poetry and poetry-related subjects, the main criteria being they are relevant, well-written, interesting and readable (ie. with a minimum of jargon throughout the text). Length can vary from 1,500 words up to 2,500 words.

All submissions should be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope of a suitable size for return of work, or for any answer required. Please put your name and address on each separate sheet; short-listed poems especially can get separated from the return envelope. I don't accept e-mail submissions, but will send rejections, acceptances, proofs and other communications via email overseas to dispense with IRCs and other international postage.

Please send all books for review to:
Glyn Pursglove
25 St. Alban's Road

We are a not-for-profit organization but a small payment is made for work accepted.




Patricia Oxley

Reviews editor
Glyn Pursglove

Advisory editor
Danielle Hope

Consultant editor
William Oxley

Cover designs
Neil Annat

Contact addresses
6 The Mount
Higher Furzeham
South Devon

4 Thornhill Bridge Wharf
N1 0RU

Reviews Address
Glyn Pursglove
25 St. Alban's Road