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About Global Tapestry

  GTJ  Global Tapestry 27 Cover Pagemanifested in the early sixties as Poetmeat magazine. Its publisher, BB Books, evolved from the late fifities S Publications group. The journal grew from an initial transatlantic base to establish a wider global participation. Our 'Second Coming' incarnation now produces a 56 page A5 publication with full colour covers.

We publish long and short poem, novel extracts and articles about creative writers and associated or influential cultural impetus and peripherals. Reviews, critiques, essays, rants, letters, documents, photos, drawings and other literary orinetated material are included in abundance. The magazine is free from hidden or open agenda. It is open-minded and libertarian in attitude. Creativity surely knows no absolute or boundary.

Our conviction is that a vast and increasing body of poetry is written but too little of it is published or read. Poetry capsules language, distilling words in an alchemic transformation. Entire novels, vast history, encyclopaedias, countless philosophy, psychology, religion, civilizations - all can be captured in a few poetic lines. The Word becomes an essence of experience but poetry can become and go beyond experience itself. 

PM Newsletter review supplement is now incorporated into the magazine.


Subscription rates:

    Four issues: 





£10 £12

    Single issues:

   UK                 Overseas

   £3                     £3.50 


Foreign cheques or stamps are not acceptable. Cheques and Postal-Orders should be made out to D.A., and R. Cunliffe


Unsolicited submissions should contain appropriate SAE or IRCs for reply and/or return of manuscripts. Prior knowledge of the publication is obviously advisable.

Our considered editorial opinion is of no greater or lesser value than that. We don't have critical quality absolutes and never discuss with authors the merits of their submitted work.


Formative issues of the magazine were edited by Dave Cunliffe and Tina Morris. During the seventies a large and changing co-operative were involved with mixed success. GTJ Second Coming issues are Global Tapestry 28 cover pageedited by Dave Cunliffe. We have a relatively large submission and response times are difficult to advance.

During the early eighties the magazine was partly funded by North West Arts. When we decided to once again sink or swim on our own, payment was reduced to a single copy of the appropriate issue. We do also have a large base of complimentary copy mailings (within available budget considerations). This is regularly scrutinised and subjected to change.


Current editor
Dave Cunliffe

Contact address
Spring Bank
Longsight Road
Copster Green