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Painted, spoken


About Painted, spoken
Painted, spoken 3 - example page     Painted, spoken is an occasional semi-published free magazine. I started it because I liked reading and circulating the new poems of the friends I had published when I was an editor of Southfields magazine, which had closed a year or so before. Painted, spoken is a little magazine that I give to friends and sometimes hand round at poetry readings. If I remember, I make sure that one or two libraries have it as well. I don't print very many copies and each issue goes out of print quickly.

I wanted a change from the magazines I've been involved with in the past. I wanted to try editing solo instead of the collaborative work I'd done for over a decade. I didn't want to go through the fuss of arts council form-filling, painful "informal" chats about funding, and over-detailed business plans. Nor did I want to keep a subscription list other than my own address book, nor set up a bank account for transactions. It seemed simpler just to produce a slim booklet with understatement shared between its production values and its poetry, and then to give it away as I saw fit. If anyone would like an issue all they have to do is send an A5 stamped addressed envelope and when the next one comes out I'll send a copy along.

In theory, the magazine is open to submissions from anyone, and has published people I have never published, met or heard of before. That said, almost all the unrequested submissions I receive are unsuitable. They're from poets who have either not read the magazine, or, if they have, have clearly misunderstood it. To be honest, I'd prefer it if people who were in any doubt simply refrained from sending work. In the main, though, I just publish people whose poetry I have liked for many years, each in different ways, and who I've persuaded to send me poems or who've sent them as, say, part of a personal letter. I'm sure there is a pattern to my editorial choices, but luckily I don't have to write the formula that describes it.

Richard Price


FREE from: 63 Artizan Court, Noel Park Road, London, N22 6RG (just send an A5 stamped addressed envelope - two first class stamps will cover the postage)

Website: http://www.hydrohotel.net